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I came to practice shiatsu through experiencing the profound and lasting changes of receiving shiatsu myself. 

I initially tried shiatsu as I was aware that I was experiencing most of life in my head and felt separate from my body. I was aware of a range of aches and pains that seemed to be holding on to unprocessed emotions.

After my first few sessions I started to notice various changes that occurred during and after the treatments. I started to feel more present, and could feel long held tensions start to unravel and reveal a sense of peacefulness underneath.  

The transformational effects of shiatsu left me fascinated. 

I decided to try the first year of Shiatsu College to see if I could learn more about this healing art, and start to bring the principles into my life to help myself and others. 

I instantly fell in love with the fun, fascinating and very hands-on training, and inspiring teaching team, and continued on to do the full 3 year training to become a practitioner.

Image by Meritt Thomas

My study and practice of shiatsu is the great gift of my life, a craft and language with which I can listen and communicate via the instrument of the human body in a way that bridges the tangible, physical aspects, and the deeper subtleties. Shiatsu has shown me - through both my experience as a practitioner and receiver - that profound transformation is completely possible and that healing is the natural pathway of our bodies.

As I continue practicing today, I am always drawn to the natural world as a teacher and inspiration. With greater balance in the body and energy systems comes a easier and more joyful connection to nature, and this respect for the natural cycles of the world is something that I bring to my practice. Our bodies and beings are intrinsically connected with the complex beauty and ingenuity of the natural world. We are not separate from nature, and feeling at home within the natural rhythms of our body is a profound way of making the connection that we need to in order to bring back sustainable ways of living on this planet. 

I graduated as a Shiatsu practitioner in 2020 from the Shiatsu College in Norwich, one of the leading UK Shiatsu schools.


As a fully qualified practitioner I am registered and insured with the UK Shiatsu Society


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