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About Your Treatment

Before your treatment you will be sent a friendly reminder email with all the details and booking information about your treatment. 

After your arrival we will discuss if there are any health or wellbeing issues you would like to address during your Shiatsu sessions. Prior to the treatment you will be sent a short form to fill out, which you are welcome to do in your first session with me, or by yourself before the session.

Once we have completed the consultation you will be invited to lie down on the comfortable heated futon to enjoy your treatment. You are welcome to share at any time anything from the treatment, or just relax quietly as you prefer. This is your space and time for yourself.

Shiatsu treatments take place on a padded mat on the floor. If you have any mobility needs please let us know before the treatment.

The treatment starts with you laying in a supine position, where we start by palpating the 'hara' - to check for any imbalances in the meridians. Then deep, relaxing pressure is applied to the legs, arms, hands and feet, head and back of body. 

After the treatment you may wish to share any changes or anything that came up during the treatment. You are welcome to share these with me or just enjoy the post-shiatsu feeling!

It is advised after a treatment to be kind to yourself and listen to your needs as you integrate the effects of the treatment. You are always welcome to email me for post-treatment support.

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