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Shiatsu at events

Whether you are hosting a small gathering or large festival - or simply want to have a relaxing option for visitors to your event, having seated shiatsu at events can be a fantastic addition to your day!

I offer a flexible services for events around the UK that can be adapated and themed to your event. I have provided on-site chair and full-body shiatsu at conventions, gatherings and festivals around the UK, and can provide a range of options including a simple massage chair for quick pick-me-up back treatments, or a gazebo and futon with twinkling lights to make a full relaxion station for visitors to fully relax and enjoy the deeply relaxing effects of a fully clothed shiatsu massage.

Why Shiatsu?

At a time where the link between our mental and physical health is under the spotlight more than ever, shiatsu offers a simple and compassionate way to provide tangible support to the range of physical aches, pains and mental stresses that we see in the clinic every day. 

Shiatsu is highly effective at treating chronic stress patterns, and even a short 15 minute chair massage can be highly effective for regulating the nervous system and bringing a sense of inner calm.

Registered Shiatsu Society practitioners complete an in depth 3 year training in order to become a shiatsu practitioner, and have a range of skills at their disposal to accommodate a professional, comfortable and relaxing experience for all.

Many of the principles of Shiatsu have roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which many martial art and meditation practices such as Tai Chi stem from. This basis provides a ground for the safe and expert use of acupressure points, treatment of mind-body symptoms and recommendation of simple and effective self-soothing techniques.

Adaptable, flexible and a valuable addition to your event!

We can provide:

  • Earlier set up or later pack down time in order to provide supportive treatments for staff and exhibitors working at the event.

  • Additional practitioners and chairs at busy events.

  • Booking and sign up sheets.

  • Gazebo, tent, or massage chair for varying space and location options.

  • Specialised routines on request ie. "Shiatsu for Gamers", "Shiatsu for Shoulders" etc.

  • Promotional material tailored to your event.

  • All treatments can be adapted to suit mobility or disability needs.

  • Card readers for taking payment.

  • We can also promote your event on our newsletters, socials, and website!


To enquire about our event services, send us an email, reach out on social media or give us a text.

We will be in touch as soon as possible!

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